Everyone loves a night at the movies.

What if you could bring the experience of a darkened movie theater into your own home?

Home theater setups are more advanced than ever. Projectors, sound systems, and players bring cinema-quality entertainment right into your home.

But where do you start with finding the right projector for you?

Let’s take a look at our list of the 10 best home theater design ideas

1. For the Movie Lover

The best thing about a home movie theater is right there in the name: having a movie theater at home.

Recreate?your local movie theater at home with a good surround sound system and a high-performance projector, like the BenQ HT2050. HD quality projection provides the crisp picture quality you expect from a trip to the cinema.

From there, it’s simple.?Spruce up the place with a few straight-backed chairs, some choice framed movie posters, and maybe an old-timey popcorn machine.

Voila! A true-to-life home movie experience.

2. For the Gamer

Home theater?can be a looser term for some. It doesn’t always have to mean “for movies”.

As console and PC gaming becomes more popular, many enthusiasts are turning to home theater setups to enjoy their games.

A popular projector option for its brightness is the Epson 5040UB. With 2500 lumens and picture quality in full HD 1080p, this is one gaming projector that doesn’t play games.

Hook up your console, gaming PC, or classic gaming platform, or cast your phone, and enjoy low-lag gaming.

3. On a Budget

There is a misconception about home theaters, and that’s that they’re only for the rich and wealthy among us.

With the right setup, though, it’s easy to churn out a home theater?experience on a tight budget.

The Optoma HD27 lives up to this manufacturer’s reputation for high-quality projection at a fantastic price. At just over $1,000, for 1080p with 3,200 lumens, it’s a strong product for a relatively low price.

Set it up in your living room, with a simple 5.1 surround sound system and blackout curtains. All you’ll need after that are some old couches, and you’ll be watching movies in style in no time.

4. For the Family

Creating the best home theater for your family means being prepared for anything. 3D movies for the kids, or gaming for the teens.

Date night for mom and dad.

The Sony Home Theater VPLVW350ES 4K provides solid performance and reduces digital noise. Vibrant colors bring movies to life, and slightly lower input lag than

5. An Adult Experience

When it comes to best home theater designs, there’s always time for a few drinks with friends.

Drinks. Music. A few good movies, or internet video channels. It’s the quintessential home theater experience.

Set up a small cocktail bar, with a little bit of subdued lighting. Connect a 5.1 Sound System and subwoofer to your?ViewSonic PJD5155 SVGA HDMI Projector. Then sit back and enjoy for a high-quality projection that’s easier on your budget.

They say you can’t buy class. With this setup, you’re about to prove them wrong.

6. Multipurpose Entertainment

Of course, not everyone wants to do only one thing with their home theater system.

Are you a gamer, who likes to watch a BluRay on the weekends?

Maybe you have friends who want to try out their PS4 on the screen you usually use for movie nights?

What you need is a multipurpose theater setup that can do it all!

The lightweight, affordable BenQ MS524A is a fantastic longterm option for multipurpose entertainment. With up to 10,000 hours runtime on its longlife bulb, and?extensive connectivity, computers, laptops, and gaming consoles get set up quick.

7. Something a Bit More Intimate

The term “home theater” tends to make people think of a large space.

With the right equipment, however, you can set one up in almost any sized home.

Got a studio apartment with not much space? Share a house with others, where the only theater space is your bedroom? Whatever the setup, you’ll want a balance of picture quality and all-in-one design.

The Epson EX3240 uses a lightweight design, incorporating onboard sound and SVGA picture quality. For better sound, you’ll want to look into an external speaker system, but for space saving design, this is one model that can’t be beat.

8. Bigger is Better

Not all theaters are created equal.

For some cinephiles, space is everything.

Create a bigger, better home theater experience, with plush sleeper couches, recliners, and throw pillows.

For large groups of guests, arrange the furniture in rows for easier viewing. Take some time to decorate with spotlamps, wall hangings and a nice rug. With the right decor, even the biggest, emptiest home theater can become cosy.

As far as projectors go, you’ll be able to show high-quality movies for an impressive price with the BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector.

9. The Classic Man Cave

Home theater setups have entered a modern age. Families gather to watch 3D TV screens. Friends watch sports matches on curved screens, and kids play Wii games on projections bigger than they are.

But there is one home theater design that holds a special place in every man’s heart.

The man cave. That home away from home where all men go to be by themselves. This is your place, and it is a home theater like no other.

Neon bar signs, an electric guitar or two hung from the walls, and a few leather sofa chairs (tastefully done in cherry red), and you’re good to go for layout. What you’ll need next is a projector and sound installation system.

A subwoofer and 5.1 sound system should keep you rocking out to the music of your youth, late into the night. For gaming purposes, the?BenQ MW526A offers adequate picture and quality.

10. The Theater of Sports

Finally, we have the shrine to sports.

Invite the guys from the bar to watch the Maple Leafs win the 1942 Stanley cup, or tune in to this year’s Superbowl.

With cold beers in the fridge, some plush furniture, and a?Dihome LCD Mini Video Projector, you’ll have everything you need to see the next game in style.

The Best Home Theater System for You

So what makes the perfect theater system for?home use? Well, that all depends on what you’re using it for.

Visit us for more information on the newest and best home theater projector reviews and articles, and find the right one for you.

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The 10 Best Home Theater Design Ideas

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