Don’t Go To That Gym

There is no point going to that Gym, they only train athletes and don’t really care about their normal members, as the coaches are to overqualified for normal people.. (So what is normal..?)

My thoughts..?

I sense that some gyms are making waves in the industry and other trainers are trying to put people off by saying certain facilities are to advanced for them and I smell a rat.

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This notion that trainers are to over qualified for the normal general population and they only train real athletes couldn’t be further from the truth, these are the trainers that you need to seek out.

However, I do believe that there is some slight truth to that statement, so please read on and ill tell you more.

In my opinion this is what the good trainers/coaches/gyms who are to overqualified for the normal population, do for their clients.

They would treat everyone like an athlete; there is a big difference to being labelled an athlete and being treated like one.

Being treated like an athlete means that the coach/trainer wants the best for their clients and will do the following to ensure this..

1. They would put together an extended plan, that would consider your lifestyle and goals that you want to achieve.

2. They would then cater that plan for that persons needs, be it weight loss, Sport performance etc.

3. All good trainers/gyms will then assess the client every 4 weeks, to ensure their programme is working and the client is progressing at the correct rate.

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So, what does this mean to you?

You will produce better more consistent results compared to the guys/girls who haven’t had their workouts planned for them, therefore, If you want to reach your goal being treated like an athlete is how you should do it.

1. You need to ensure that you set a real achievable goal, that you strive to get to.

2. You need to plan your workout over a period of time with short term goals, in order for you to reach the long-term goal

3. The progress you are making needs to be assessed on a regular basis to ensure you are going in the right direction


Most people fear the unknown, why not ask YOUR trainer if he/she plans your workouts, or do they just make it up on the spot?

If you or your trainer are just making it up as you go along how do you expect to achieve your goal be it fat loss or entering an event, such as the great south run etc?

Be wise and smart with your programming or by choosing your trainer and the results will be fantastic

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