Building Muscle With Exercise Machines or Free Weights

If you are thinking about getting into shape, strength training is a good way to improve the different muscle groups in the body. There are loads of different machines that can help. You can either go to the gym or workout at home.

If you want to get the best workout it is good to know if exercise machines are better than free weights or vice versa. They both have advantages as well as disadvantages, so it is worthwhile figuring out what would fit your muscle building needs.

Today free weights such as dumbbells are often a single weight and made in one piece. However, barbells have a bar with weights that can be removed or added to the bar.

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Barbells tend to be less expensive but can take some time away from your routine if you have to stop and add or replace weights.

When it comes to exercise machines, weight stack machines can either be single exercise or multiple. The multiple machine can be adjusted so you can perform a variety of exercises.

The good news about free weights is that they will be able to help you strengthen the entire body. The exercises are also fairly easy to perform.

With free weights you just need to stand while holding the weights. Since your muscles are involved in lifting the weight, your muscle strength is improved.

However, there is an advantage when using machines to train your muscles. They are easy to use and come with controls and guides that direct the resistance level.

You also don’t need anyone to spot you which you should have when lifting barbells.

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Also you can easily make adjustments on the machines making them very popular for at home workouts or at the gym.

With free weights there is a concern for safety. Performing a bench press with a barbell means that you could be trapped if you fail to complete the lift. Since this is possible, working out with someone is important.

You might also want to keep in mind the amount of control needed to stabilize your muscles. This is needed so that you don’t injure your joints or muscles.

There are a number of resistance machines on the market and they all have different qualities. They are often designed for the typical user which means height, limb lengths and how much a person weighs.

You should know that the when exercising the motion is guided by the machine and not you. Often this means that the motion is not perfect for your limb length or your body size. The result could mean that you aren’t getting the best form of exercise for the results you seek.

All in all it is a personal choice when it comes to choosing between free weights and exercise machines. However, free weights can be better for achieving stabilization of the muscles and as well there is freedom in your motions. Exercise machines on the other hand are easy to use.

Whatever form of exercise you decide to use to build your muscles, consider your fitness goals first and then decide. You might also consider doing a combination of both types of weighted exercises.

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