What Is The Best Workout Ever Invented – Truthfully?

You see, in a time not so long ago (60 years and before) the world was a less electronic, digital, robotic and run-around-stress-filled-world.

Manual labor was the norm. The auto, steel and other industry related factories demanded more muscle power from the worker then it does today. A day on the job was physical and demanding. It was a workout!

Guys who wanted get bigger and stronger needed to weight train. They needed to lift weights and eat more healthy food.

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What did they do?

They did what all the most muscular and rugged men (they were drug free back then) were doing and had been doing for 100 years. They weight trained with a result and timed tested and proven workout program and diet.

And it worked – these guys got bigger and stronger and better looking without all the cardio and fancy weight training equipment. There was no “magic energy or muscle building formula” to waste their money on. Just sound, basic and simple training methods that produce results.

There were no special “cave man, cave woman, Italian, Greek, NASA, Low fat, high fat, eat breakfast, don’t eat breakfast” diets at the time.

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The diet was the eat lots of clean, healthy, natural and varied foods and you’ll build muscle diet. Train hard and stay away from junk foods and you’ll lose body-fat. No need to live like a hamster on a wheel cardio lifestyle.

Yes, there have been improvements in some of these areas of physical fitness but if you take the time and Google search these men, Vic Tanny, Jack Lalanne, Eugene Sandow to name a few and look at their photo’s you’ll see not only rugged, muscular, lean and handsome men but they were also healthy and they did not live in the gym or spend all of their time measuring every ounce of food they put in their mouth.

It was when I put down the “Muscle and Fiction” magazines that had all the glossy pictures of Arnold, Franco, Lou and other super stars of the day and picked up the real “how to build muscle and lose fat” magazines that I changed my physique so much that people accused me of using drugs. In a world where everyone wants “instant results” with “minimal work” it’s easy to see why people fall for the oldest tricks in the health and muscle building world.

Get off the “hamster wheel” of hyped up commercial programs and on the road too successful muscle, strength and health!

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