Ways To Get The Most From Your Workouts

Workouts are largely associated with losing weight, but there are so many other reasons that can compel you into adopting a good workout regime. It could be that you want to lose some extra weight or you simply want to tone your body up and maintain that lean look. Working out is also a great way of keeping your energy levels high and lifting your moods. Whatever your reasons for working out, you will enjoy the added benefits that come with it.

Unfortunately, not all workouts you get involved in will be as rewarding as you hope them to be. If you are not keen on how you go about your workout sessions, you could end up wasting your energy for no reason. But there is always a way of making them more effective so you reach your goals and objectives faster. Before hitting the road or the gym, you should know how to make your session most effective.

1. Don’t eat heavy before a workout

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Actually the best time to work out is soon after you wake up. Running on an empty stomach is bound to get you better results because the body is on calorie deficit hence fat burning abilities are heightened. Considering that the glycogen levels get depleted when sleeping, you will force the body to utilize stored body fats as energy when you work out empty.

2. Ensure you fuel your muscles

But even though it is best and most beneficial to work out on an empty stomach, remember that your body still needs some fuel to keep the energy levels up. If you are about to get yourself into an intense workout session eat at least 30 grams of carbohydrates before. This could translate into one banana or an apple. When you give a little boost to your body, you will have enough energy to last you through the session and still get effective result from the efforts you put in. A fruit smoothie, whole grain pancakes few hours to work out or oats 30 minutes before the session will work amazingly well.

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3. Do not forget to refuel

Pre-workout fueling is just as important as post workout refueling. What you eat after a workout session is very essential to your fitness goals. Both the pre and post workout nutrition should matter because they are most essential to your objectives. After an intense workout, you need the proper nutrients to replenish glycogen levels, increase protein synthesis, build muscle and reduce protein breakdown. The body utilizes protein best after exercises and you need to follow up your session with the right foods. Ensure therefore, that you eat a good portion of protein after working out.

4. Eat less calories than you burned

One of the mistakes people make when working out is washing their efforts down the drain when they end up eating more than they burned in a workout session. It is normal to feel hungry and tired after a workout session, but this does not mean you have the freedom to eat whatever you want in whatever amount. Exercise induced hunger can increase calorie intake but make sure you use a calorie tracker to find out how much you have burned so you can determine what is best to eat.

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