How Experienced Exhibition Designers Could Impact Your Business

Whether you run a small startup or a well-established business, you’ll no doubt be aware of the impact that the visuals of a brand can have on its success. The message you send to your target audience will be dependent on the colours, design and overall feel of your marketing materials.

This has been the case since the conception of hard-copy advertising, with eye-catching flyers being the ones that tend to make it to the fridge rather than the rubbish bin. But today, in the era of online marketing, visual branding could not be more important to those trying to make an impression.

The internet is a fertile ground for businesses of any description looking to reach out to their target audience. And what with social media, e-mail marketing, blogs, YouTube and much more, it seems the opportunities to do so are seemingly endless.

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But, with such a wealth of advertising platforms comes an increase in competition. Rather than five other companies offering similar products in your area, there are now five hundred. And they are all able to span a global reach of consumers by way of the World Wide Web – so you’d better be prepared to stand out.

That said, studies have shown time and time again that ‘tangible’ advertising (that which we can hold in our hands) has more of an impact on the consumer that something that comes into an e-mail inbox and can easily be forgotten or erased.

This is part of the reason why trade events are so effective. Not only are you faced with the opportunity of communicating directly with your target audience, but those customers can also take something away with them that will remind them of your brand.

Giveaways like branded bags, pens and other household items can actually increase your brand awareness tenfold. That one piece of marketing material not only reaches the person you hand it to – it’s also viewed by others on the train, in the workplace and even in the home.

But in order to make the desired impression on your customers, you will need to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward. This may mean taking the time to revise your logo or work on your marketing materials, or devising a marketing strategy for the big event.

An exhibition designer can help you with all this and more. Not only will they give you expert advice on your existing materials and how best to distribute them, but they will also work alongside you to design a custom exhibition stand for the show.

Your design can then be displayed to you via 3D visualisation software. After you have approved the design, it will be sent off to experienced carpenters and engineers where it will become a tangible exhibition stand that you can use time and time again.

An experienced project manager should oversee the entire project, offering expert advice and insight into your entire marketing strategy. They will also ensure that the project will be completed in your desired time frame, and that your budget is being adhered to.

As well as all this, a marketing team should also be able to assist you with the logistics and storage of your new custom stand or booth. This means that not only will you not have to worry about transporting your materials to the event venue, but it will also be stored safely for future use.

So, hiring an exhibition designer can be an investment in your company’s future – as well as the here and now. This service will provide you with a professional, custom-made event stand that can be used time and time again to achieve maximum exposure.