Are Your Fire Extinguishers in Compliance?

Many business owners have the wrong information when it comes to their safety requirements in certain areas. With a fire extinguisher inspection, you can reduce the risk of that happening. It isn’t enough to just have them in place. It isn’t enough to just train people on how to use them. You need to make sure they are going to be working should someone access them.

Most fire extinguishers sit for a very long time. In fact, years can go by before they need to be used. If you are lucky, your business will never have a fire issue so they don’t get touched other than for practice sessions and trainings. Yet the longer they sit, the more risk you take that they may leak, stick, or any other number of things that could go wrong.

Compliance Concerns

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There are plenty of regulations that pertain to fire extinguisher inspection and compliance. They differ in local and Federal regulations. It can be difficult to stay on top of all of it. Why not allow an expert to complete the testing for you and to let you know what is lacking. If there are problems, they can work with you to get them resolved.

You never want to allow the opportunity for a fire to occur and you aren’t ready for it. Fire extinguishers can reduce damages and safe lives in an emergency situation. However, they can only offer benefits if they have been properly maintained.

Equipment and Methods

Allowing the experts to take care of the fire extinguisher inspection is also easier because they have the right tools, equipment, and methods. They know what to test and how to test. If there are problems with a device, they know how to troubleshoot it and to repair it. They can let you know if any of the items need to be replaced.

They can also provide you with documentation that proves you are in compliance. If you do have a fire, the investigation can be very unnerving. They may look high and low for the cause of the fire and to determine if you were in compliance across the board. If they find any areas where you were irresponsible, it could mean the end of your business.

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Most providers are willing to go well beyond just providing you with the fire extinguisher inspection though. They will help you with training for your employees so they can feel confident if they have to reach for one of the extinguishers to help out in the event of a fire. Their quick response can make a difference in containing the fire and getting people to safety.

One of the areas of training many people don’t know about is they aren’t all universal. Some of them are designed for use with metals, paper, wood, and so forth. The fire extinguisher inspection should indicate the fire type of class. This will help you to know which types of products to have on hand for your particular business.

If you have a variety of components in your business, it may be confusing. You may not be sure which of them is best to have available. The person conducting the fire extinguisher inspection can make such decisions with you based on all of the different things you share about your business. The wrong type can prevent the fire extinguisher from helping.

Hiring an expert to help you determine where to put them, which types to have, and to test them routinely is important. Not only does it mean you are in compliance with the laws, it also means you are taking responsibility for what goes on in your business on all levels.