Fire Extinguisher Servicing: Five Things to Look For

Safety equipment has the ability to save a business from burning to the ground. They are the first line of defence as soon as flames start, and they can easily save the lives of everyone inside the building. This is why it is so important to go with a company that will take their time while maintaining a piece of safety equipment, and why it is so important that businesses keep these things in mind when choosing which fire extinguisher servicing company to go with.

They aren’t all good

Many people want to trust other people. They want to believe that the world is full of good, and that they can simply hire a company and trust them to do their job. That would be nice, but that simply is not the case. Some fire extinguisher servicing companies will take the money for the job, simply change the tag and move on. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, businesses are encouraged to keep in mind that not all companies are trustworthy, and instead give the company the chance to earn that trust.

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Fire extinguisher servicing companies should be licensed to perform the services that they offer. Before paying a company for the job, or even having them set foot inside the establishment, ask them for information to prove that they have the training necessary to do the job correctly. If not, it could mean that safety equipment will not work when business owners need them to most, even if the servicing company just left.

Range of services

It’s always nice if business owners can get everything that they need in one place. Instead of going with a company that specialises in fire extinguisher servicing, look for a company that will meet all of the businesses needs to save time and money later on. For example, if a company plans on holding events, it may be a better idea to go with a company that also specialises in event staff and safety products for hire.


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Being certified or licensed is great, but nothing compares to life experience. Because of this, look for a company that has been around for awhile. Taking the time to ask that company for references is another great way to determine if they have experience in the area or not. Keep in mind that businesses can post whatever they want on a website, so it’s best to confirm the references personally.


Getting a LED exit sign installed or some new safety signs is not going to mean a thing if they break within a week. Instead of going with the cheapest company, businesses are encouraged to look at the quality of products. Fire extinguishers should be well maintained and in working order. Exit signs should last more than just a few weeks, and emergency safety signs should be in good working order to make sure that they do their job.

By making sure that the quality of certain items is what it should be, businesses can rest assured that they meet all of the regulations and that their business, and the people in it, will remain safe.

Making sure that a fire extinguisher servicing business is able to meet all of a company’s needs is vital to determining the right company to go with. To so this, the first step is to make sure that they have the proper licensing. After that, businesses are encouraged to keep these other things in mind to guarantee that they find the perfect company to meet all of their needs, and to make sure that they comply with regulations.