Choosing the Right C Arm Machine

For hospitals, clinics, and practices, looking for the right C arm machine takes a little time, research, and effort. However, it is well worth it when you find the right model at the best price. Whether you choose a new, used, or refurbished C arm machine, it is very important that you take the time to pick the right one that best suits your needs.


You will want a C arm that offers the best features with an intuitive design so that technicians and physicians can operate the device properly. Easily read displays, sharp imaging system, and intuitive controls are all part of what you want from a C arm. The features you should look for need to work together with the type of diagnosis that you need accomplished.

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Most C arms are designed to be mobile. You will need to look at the space in your facility to make sure that it will go from room to room with ease. The last thing you want is purchasing a C arm that cannot make the turn down a connecting hallway or fit through a door space. If you need the machine to go from room to room, then you’ll need to do some measuring to ensure that it is small enough to make the trip without having to take it apart.


C arms come in different sizes which is a very important consideration when it comes to where it will be used and stored. A compact C arm offers greater mobility and easier storage which may be perfect for clinics or hospitals that operate in smaller buildings. You will want to go over the area where the C arm will be used and where it might be stored before making your decision.

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It’s important to put the cost in the proper perspective so that you purchase the best C arm that fits your budget. Too many people look for the least expensive machine when they should be looking for the best C arm that fits their needs at the lowest price. Shopping around is important as you might find that different brands have considerably different prices. So, be sure to make a list first before you start selecting which machines is best for your needs.

Refurbished C Arm Machine

Your choices are not limited to new and used models, you can choose a refurbished machine that offers the best of both worlds. Refurbished means that the C arm has been restored with new parts so that it operates like it just came from the factory. Yet, the price is considerably less than new models, although they are more expensive and arguably more reliable that used ones. Plus, it is covered by a warranty so that if something does go wrong within the timeframe of the warranty it will be repaired quickly.

Choosing the right C arm machine means considering different factors in terms of quality, size, effectiveness, and affordability so that your practice or facility has what it needs to do the proper diagnosis.