Things To Know About Wow Structures

When organizing an event, it is important for individuals to invest in event equipment. These event items are imperative to make events more appealing and better. Plus, some items can also help make events safer and more secured. So, if you are looking for an item that can make events better and appealing at the same time, it is best to invest in wow structures.

What are wow structures?

Wow marquees or structures are identified with its own unique style and design, smooth round shapes and a robust tubular structure. These corporate event tents have the ability to take up to 400kg of suspended weight directly from the in-built rigging points enabling truss, screens, lights, signage or anything else you may desire resulting in a unique, spacious structure with all floor space available for use.

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Benefits of using wow structures

Surely, there are other types of tents individuals can choose from. However, when making use of wow structures, individuals can obtain the following benefits.

First and foremost, individuals can easily create even larger areas. This is possible since individuals can join numerous structures together to create vast undercover which is suitable for almost all events and requirements.

Next, this type of tents can be assembled easily since there are a wide range of options including zip-in side walls and printed covers, the Crossover range is available to hire for a function or purchase for keeps.

Finally, these structures are not only designed to stand out, but also to last for a very long time. All these are possible since these structures have extruded 90mm aluminum tubing, galvanized steel load bearing joints and marine grade stainless steel tension cables.

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Tips in choosing wow structures providers

In case that you are planning to purchase or rent one, it is important to look for reliable providers. And, to find such providers, you need to consider these factors.

Credibility – The first thing individuals need to look for when searching for wow structure providers is their credibility. This is essential to ensure that they offer the best structures for your events. Not to mention, checking their credibility can also help you determine the quality of their services.

Variety of event equipment – Another essential factor individuals need to consider is the variety of event equipment they offer. Surely, the main reason you are looking for event equipment providers is to purchase durable tents. But, it is also best to check other event items they offer which can make your event better and more successful.

Prices – And, it is also essential to check their prices. Luckily, trusted event equipment providers offer the best rates on their equipment. In addition, they also offer discounts or packages for their clients.

Knowing all these details about wow structures can help individuals make their outdoor events more successful and memorable.