Graphite – Back to Basics

What do you know about graphite? If you don’t know anything, this article will give you some basic knowledge of graphite. Basically, graphite comes under the category of semi metals. Since it has a dark texture and appearance, for one, you can call it black led. Where does it form? As far as formation goes, this semi metal comes into existence in metamorphic rock under immense pressure and lots of heat. On the other hand, other types of solid rocks, such as igneous rock forms as a result of meteorites and volcanoes crashing on our planet. Let us know more about it.

Battery Grade Quality Graphite

Battery grade quality graphite comprises flat crystalline flakes. On the other hand, the graphite that manufacturers use in pencils looks like the stuff obtained from coal mines. Unfortunately, the graphite obtained from coal mines and the amorphous graphite is not a good choice for batteries.

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Graphite And Steel

It is interesting to know that graphite is used by the steel industry in order to add to the carbon content of molten metal. The idea is to make the molten metal more heat resistant. The great thing about graphite is that it’s a semi metal, which allows it to get mixed in almost all types of quality molten metal. Aside from this, due to the usefulness of graphite, it is used as quality lubricant in several manufacturing processes. Actually, when the layers of the graphite absorb the solvent, the layers slide back and forth. As a result, they act like a lubricant.

Grapheme, which is part of graphite, is a dense version of carbon. It can be found in the form of very thin but strong sheets. This is the reason people invest in grapheme and graphite. So, this is a lucrative industry.

Investing In Graphite

As far as graphite stocks are concerned, Canadians show a lot of interest in them. As a matter of fact, Canada is the second largest producer of high quality crystalline flake graphite.

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So, are you interesting in graphite stocks? If so, you have to keep a few things in mind before putting your money in graphite stocks. These tips will help you to make sure your investment in safe and that you are going to profit from the money you invest. When you are looking for good graphite companies, check the following:

· Check the quality and size of the mineral deposit of the company

· Check if the company is able to source the mineral economically

· Find out how long the company will take to start its operations

· What is the track record of the company?

Graphite is a great opportunity for those who are looking for some good investment opportunities. If you are one of those people, you are lucky, as you can take advantage of this metal and make a good deal of money. The thing is that you should be careful when choosing a reliable company, as you don’t want to invest your money in a company that is not reliable. Therefore, take your time and go with the best company out there.