Can Kindness Get You More Business?

The holiday season is in the air. At every turn, we are encouraged to be more charitable and giving to our friends, neighbors, and strangers alike. It’s a great sentiment, but how often do we think about applying it to our business and our business relationships?

The truth is kindness doesn’t just benefit our fellow man and woman, it can also benefit your bottom line. Spread the joy this holiday season, and you just might find your business booming.

The best part is, this type of marketing philosophy is free to implement. It does take your time and a proper mindset, but that is it. Such a great way to view your relationships with potential clients and customers because it enables you to set a good tone and memory for how they frame your company. I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase people do business with people they like. Kindness is a shortcut to achieving that very philosophy.

Do you Like Us?

  • Kindness gets you good referrals. You don’t have to go out of your way to make kindness part of your everyday business. Greet customers with a smile and treat them the way you would expect to be treated. Reward kindness in your employees and see the good feelings spread. It’s contagious, and that’s good for your business! When your clients and customers feel like they have been treated well, they will give you great reviews online and they’ll promote your business by sharing their great experiences with friends.
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  • Charity gets you good press. Many businesses already give back to the community in many great ways. You can stock shelves at a local food bank, prepare meals at a shelter, or adopt-a-highway to clean up. Any time you and your staff are working to better your community don’t be afraid to spread the word on your blog and social media accounts. Interviewed by the local news? Even better. Your charitable spirit will inspire others to do the same, and get your business name more recognition in the process.
  • Volunteering gets you good connections. Every time you step out your door and into the community, you have the opportunity to make great connections with like-minded people. You might meet the marketer your business needs or your next great employee. You never know who you’ll find standing next to you as a volunteer, but you can count on it being someone you want to know.