Sales Tips to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

As marketers, we sometimes distance ourselves from the “sales” mentality. As if being in sales is somehow tainted, probably from images of used car salesmen. But the truth of the matter is that as marketers, we are the front line for sales relationships with our customers. The average consumer will come into contact with a brand 8-10 times before making a buying decision. Each one of those touches is an opportunity to let your marketing message speak for your brand. Speak like a salesman, and you just might see your customer demand trending upward.

  • Believe in your product or service. If you don’t believe in what you are selling, your customers won’t either. Find what makes your product or service truly unique and bring that story out in your marketing message.
  • Be concise. Complicated marketing messages quickly lose attention. You have to find a way to explain your product or service simply and clearly. If you can do it with images, all the better.
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  • Presentation matters. In our fast-paced modern society, you don’t necessarily need to be flashy, but you need to be unique. Standing out from the crowd is the only way to get your brand on the minds of consumers and keep it there when they are ready to make the buying decision. Find what makes your company different and highlight it.
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  • Strive for improvement. Satisfaction with the status quo is a way to ensure stale sales figures. If you want to improve the amount of business you attract, you have to continually innovate your marketing. Keep asking what’s trending next and how you can use it to reach your customers. Make sure to keep track of your results so that you can compare newer methods vs tried and true methods. You’ll find winners and through this A/B testing you will continually increase the amount of enthusiastic clients coming to you.

The best problem to have is dealing with an influx of sales. Cash flow alleviates smaller or seemingly more pressing issues within your business. If you take this advice as you will, implementing what applies and makes sense to you, sales should see an uptick.

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. If you tighten up your marketing efforts, aligning brand and message first, then stay consistent about engaging your target market, you should have a steady stream of people who align with your company and are knocking on your door.

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