5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Promotional Products

Promotional products can really expand the reach of your marketing efforts and keep your brand in the minds of your potential customers long after your initial touch point. However, many small businesses make mistakes with their promotional product that can end up having the opposite of the intended effects. Be a savvy marketer for your business and don’t make these mistakes.

  1. Using cheap materials. Do you know what cheap promotional products say about your business? They tell your potential customers and clients that you don’t care about quality. When you are choosing your next promotional product make sure it is made from high quality materials that reflect the quality of your business.
  2. Being unclear with your marketing message. The message in your promotional product should convey one or two things about your business. Use one clear image or logo and provide the easiest way to contact you. Don’t confuse the message by trying to fit everything about your business onto one small promotional item.
  3. Providing something useless or ordinary. Another pen? Another bookmark? Be honest with yourself. When was the last time you kept one of those promotional items? You probably can’t remember unless there was something unique about it. Your promotional gifts are your chance to rise above the noise of the crowd and give your contacts something they can use and will actually hang on to. Giving them something ordinary is simply inviting them to forget about you.
  4. Failing to make a connection with your free gift. At trade shows especially, but for your business in general, don’t fall into the trap that your promotional product can do all of the talking for you. Use it as a means to engage your future customers and clients and begin to build the relationship that will make them a loyal customer.
  5. Relying on your promotional product to do all the work. Good promotional products are part of a good marketing plan. Although a great product can go a long way, you can amplify your message with advertising, trade show appearances, social media engagement, and other marketing avenues that are appropriate for your business.

Picking the perfect promo product handout takes some time and effort. Like many things in life, you get back what you put into the process. Make sure to understand what your target marketing will appreciate, pick a great design and great product, and make sure to have a follow through plan on how you will connect and maintain a relationship with potential clients.

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