How Can Drip Marketing Help Your Small Business?

Drip marketing is an effective strategy to keep your brand in front of your potential customers until they are ready to commit to the buying decision. Staying at the forefront of your customers’ minds is always a challenge. Drip marketing is a great technique to keep you there.

Types of Drips

Using drip marketing strategies literally “drips” your brand to your customers or clients by giving them relevant information when they need it. You might want to employ these drip techniques:

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  • Front of the mind – these keep your target audience engaged with your company
  • Education – these provide your audience with product information
  • Re-engagement – to win back the audience that may be waning in enthusiasm for your brand
  • Competitive – engaging your competitor’s audience with the benefits of switching to your services or products
  • Promotional – entice potential customers with limited-time promotions or pricing
  • Training – to teach your recently acquired customers about using your product or services

Properly tailored drip campaigns keep your marketing message in front of your prospects without much work from you. You can use emails, social media, or promotional products, usually a combination of all three, to make sure you message is continually in front of your target audience.

Platforms that promote drip marketing:

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PPC online, including AdWords, Bing and Yahoo search ads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, and Instagram. These online platforms offer remarketing campaigns that will drip ads to people that have already visited your site. This allows people to be re engaged with you content, dripping in potential clients that for some reason or another didn’t decide to pull the trigger the first time they were on your site. You can also promote content such as videos, gifs, picture ads, and traditional text ads to promote white papers, instructional videos, reviews, etc. This is a great way to maximize your marketing efforts.

The other way, another preferred standard in a lot of industries, would be promotional handouts. These are usb chargers or screen cleaner stickers for phones and tablets and on and on. There are around 800,000 promo products on the market so businesses should have no trouble finding one that works great for them. The key is getting in front of your target market and getting those much needed repeated impressions in order to get the person to come back to you. Promo products stay in front of a customer, especially if they are useful.

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