Is Your Marketing Message Too Complex?

Getting your message across to your customers is an essential skill in marketing your business. Where many small businesses fall short is telling the consumer too much. If your marketing message is too complex, you’ll lose the attention of your potential customers before you ever get them through the door.

Simplifying Tips

Need help boiling down your message to its inspiring core? Try these tips:

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    • Identify your audience. Understanding who you are talking to makes a big difference in how you craft your message. You wouldn’t speak the same way about your product or service to an eighteen-year-old college student as you would to a seventy-year-old retiree. Identify who you are marketing to. It may be necessary to craft demographic appropriate messages for your different marketing channels. The best part about identifying your target demographics is that marketing channels can target those specific demographics. Then you are able to create different ads for those different demographics. Also, when you know your demographic you are able to produce promo product handouts, content such as blogs or white papers, or sales pitches that resonate better with certain groups of people.


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    • Keep it short and simple. Don’t use long words when short words will do. Don’t use complex sentences and images, when simple ones will get your point across. Take a look at some of your latest marketing efforts. Would someone unfamiliar with your product be able to pick up your message in seconds? Attention spans are short. Make sure you cater to quick information gathering and processing. Several studies have claimed three to seven seconds as the magic amount of time you have to get your point across and capture the attention of a potential client.


  • Make it memorable. Some marketing slogans and messages are so short, simple, and catchy, we remember them long after the campaigns have ended. Think “Just Do It” from Nike or “Think Different” from Apple. While your message may be longer than two or three words, the key is making it stick in your customers’ minds. You will get more bang for your buck with your marketing if you have a concise message that is memorable and highlights what makes you stand out as a company. The key is understanding what your brand does that’s unique from your competitors. Highlight these unique selling propositions in your marketing and things like price points, production time, and the details of a transaction become less of a roadblock to potential clients.

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