Is Your Marketing Plan Agile?

Do you think you have a great marketing plan? Are you ready to change it up quickly and successfully?

In today’s fast-paced world, slow moving marketing plans can turn into unwieldy beasts that end up hindering the purposes they set out to serve.

The good news is that with the rapid advance of technology, there isn’t one single way to market any more, and you don’t have to marry your efforts to one technique.

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With an agile marketing plan, you can be ready to chase the leads that bite. The key is to diversify your marketing efforts across several channels:

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  • If TV commercials have been successful for your business in the past, don’t eliminate them, but dedicate some marketing funds to producing and posting videos on your YouTube channel.
  • If your blog is established and has an engaged audience, start sharing those posts across your social media channels to amplify the reach of your ideas.
  • If your customers already appreciate the yearly custom calendar you send them, try adding a new, unique token of appreciation like a sticky mobile phone cleaner or promotional handout.
  • Pay for ads online. Content is king in this day and age and all of that content lives online. Use ads to offer free white papers to your existing or potential clients.
  • SEO is cheap these days. It’s an older form of online engagement that leverages your website, links, and content to (eventually) produce free traffic that flows to your site. The reason it is cheap is that it has been a key factor in overall marketing plans for over a decade now. There are many webmasters out there, driving the cost of this service down.

To guarantee the success of your marketing strategies, you have to be willing to put aside your established opinions about what works and be open to discovering new possibilities. Additionally, the reason you absolutely must be agile in this day and age is that the marketing landscapes are lightning fast. Companies flow through marketing mediums like water, necessitating constant adjustments from marketing managers. Google makes three to four algorithm changes to their search platform (which includes their ad platform- AdWords) per year. This is an example that demonstrates the volatile nature of the marketing landscapes that are most engaging to customers right now. Mimic the trends of what the best marketing managers do and pivot with your customers.

Learn – adapt – reiterate!

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