Customized Promotional Golf Umbrella

An umbrella offers protection from the weather, whether it be rain, snow or the heat of the sun. Umbrellas have evolved in their design and uses to take on many shapes and sizes. The personal umbrella may be a stick umbrella or a three piece which can in its compactness fit into a handbag or briefcase. But the golf umbrella is a different animal.

Why does a golfer need an umbrella?

A golfer is forced to play in the rain sometimes. So the large canopy keeps not only the golfer dry, but also his bag. If the grips in the bag get wet, then his game is in trouble.

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Golf umbrellas are the big hand held umbrellas. They are ideal for golf players to protect themselves and their equipment from the sun or rain as the case may be, but they also are a style statement nowadays because they offer better protection than smaller umbrellas. To be light weight in spite of their big size, the shaft is fashioned out of fiberglass which has the added advantage of being lightning resistant. The sturdiness of this umbrella prevents it from being turned inside out by strong winds that blow through golf courses at times.

Because of its large size, company logos can be displayed in larger size and it is often used as promotional material by companies, in preference to ordinary umbrellas.

They have an arc size range of 127 cm (50″) to 173 cm (68″). (An umbrella is measured from one tip, across the canopy to the opposite tip) They may be single canopy or double canopy umbrellas with air vents to keep them stable in windy conditions. As far as shafts go, they could have a straight stick shaft or a telescopic shaft.

It is said that golf umbrellas have become so popular among the general public because of its better protection, that only a fraction are bought for use on the golf course. Men purchase these more often than women. There are quite a few injuries like facial lacerations and scratched corneas because of these umbrellas and people are warned they have to be careful while wielding them.

What to look for in a good golf umbrella?

There are six things to look for

· Fiberglass shaft

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· Double canopy

· Check the closing mechanism – that it doesn’t pinch

· A wide diameter grip which is easier to hold for longer periods

· Lifetime warranty from manufacturer

· Auto hands free opening

· Size of 62″ is ideal for covering the golfer and his bag

What will my customized promotional golf umbrella look like?

As golf umbrellas are excellent promotional material, companies can order them from umbrella manufacturers or from companies specializing in corporate gifting. The promotional message is printed on a golf umbrella of good repute. What is called a digital proof is submitted for approval. The details such as umbrella size, color, ink colors, thread colors and logo name are verified and confirmed by this.

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