Umbrella Types You Can Choose For Your Promotional Needs

The truth is that any kind of umbrella can become a promotional umbrella when it in printed with a company logo and slogan. So many varieties of umbrellas are used for promotional purposes for brands and make some of the best items because they offer a larger surface for the messages to be imprinted as well as images. Compared to other small items that may be hard to notice, umbrellas offer better visibility for the brands as soon as they are popped open to offer needed shielding.

Your company requirements with the advertising campaign should guide you to the best type of umbrella to use. The nature of services and products you are advertising with the umbrellas can also help you easily make a style and type decision. Below are some of the most common umbrella types used for their promotional usage and worth.

1. Sport umbrellas

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They are commonly referred to as golf umbrellas because they are a common feature in golf fields. They are sturdier and wider compared to other umbrellas and they can accommodate two or even three people at a go. These umbrellas usually have steel rims and wooden handles and are a favorite product for many brands, especially during sport events where large numbers of spectators are expected. The umbrellas offer you an opportunity of attracting attention even when you use just a few of them like two in an event.

2. Parasols

Contrary to many definitions these are wide umbrellas that are used in booths and offer shade in different kinds of settings. They are the big outdoor umbrellas you see around restaurants and cafes or even at the beach offering shade for several people as they enjoy their drinks and meals. Their large size makes it easy for you to imprint logos and promotional messages as clearly as you want. They are cost effective and advertisement tools that are result oriented; you can gain revenue and customer when you are able to utilize them in an effective manner.

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3. Walking umbrellas

They are the typical umbrellas used widely across the markets. They are affordable, lightweight and come in small diameters. Apart from the foldable options, you can find other variants include wooden handled ones, non-folding and multi colored ones. They are all suitable for promotional purposes as long as all important elements are considered. The one good thing about walking umbrellas is that they are useful all year round and they therefore will keep offering your brand the visibility it is looking for. They are cost effective and offer maximum results, hence the reason why they are most preferred by the brands.

4. Telescopic umbrellas

These umbrellas are designed to disassemble completely. You can actually insert the handle and frame together and remove the canopy so you can fold up the parts and keep them in your handbag. The collapsible design makes the umbrellas highly portable and they are widely used for the unique shape and easier to carry around.

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