About Us

We are a small group of people who like tech and love video projectors. We have been using them in a variety of settings over the years for work and fun. Some of us even have experience operating cinema projectors.

Lately, we’ve been tossing the idea around of making a blog. We finally came to a decision and set off into the unknown, at least when it comes to building websites. Now we’re combining our passion for big screens and presenting our knowledge to all who care to read. At the heart of the best home theater systems is always a projector. There’s no better feeling than whipping up a fresh batch of popcorn, turning off the lights and enjoying your favorite flicks on a huge screen. The only trouble is making sense of all the features and specification, all the technical jargon and finally choosing a model.

To that end, we offer informative articles to get you into the whole thing and help you see what’s what. After that, you can take a look at our quick reviews for different price categories as well as full reviews.

We know how frustrating it can be to scrape the internet for information. That’s why we’ve considered all budgets and needs, so you won’t find our round up lacking, not at all. What’s more, you’ll discover that we’re not all praise, but try to be fair in our assessments of different products. We’re not sponsored by any company or biased in any way. Our goal is to bring video projector technology close to as many people as possible.

Best Home Theatre Projector

In the end, you’ll hopefully be able to choose a model that suits you and enjoy everything a home cinema projector can offer!

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