BenQ W1070 DLP Projector REVIEW


– Excellent image quality for the price
– Work well with some ambient light
– Has excellent color accuracy
– Works well with 3D content


– No 3D glasses in the package
– Can overheat sometimes


2,000 Lumens

Projector Resolution


Contrast Ratio


Image Aspect Ratio


Updated March 2017: Those that want to treat themselves to a versatile and affordable 1080p projector will find the BenQ W1070 to be an attractive option. This model has enough brightness, so you don’t have to use it in an entirely dark room. It also has a high contrast ratio that provides good black levels. Moreover, the included lamp can last more than 4,000 hours to provide at least a few years of fun.

For the price, some corner cutting is inevitable, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better home theater projector for the money. For instance, if you’re interested in watching 3D movies, you’ll need to buy glasses. This effectively adds to the price and makes other, more expensive models a viable alternative.


The BenQ W1070 comes in a silver and white color scheme that looks more at home in a board-room than a movie room. In regards to size, it’s about 12 inches across, close to 10 inches in depth and 4 inches in height.

The top of this HD projector has a small panel with standard controls used to turn the unit on or off and navigate through menus. Located behind the lens controls for manual zoom and focus is sliding cover. When pulled back, a small screw knob gets exposed which is used to adjust the lens shift. This control tends to be somewhat difficult to dial in, but it is a welcome feature nonetheless.

For cooling, this unit has a front-facing grill that has minor problems with light leakage. Even though it’s not something everyone will notice, we would have liked for this cooling port to be on the rear.
Once we powered up this model, we saw a menu that is straightforward and relatively easy to use. The remote control feels somewhat flimsy and cheap, but it is compact and works.


As the name implies, this is a DLP-based model and has a DarkChip3 chipset. It puts out up to 2,000 lumens of brightness, so there’s no need to black out your room; it’s bright enough to handle some light. The 3D capability might not seem promising with this unit’s price in mind but works surprisingly well.

Despite that, there are no glasses included in the package and buying them separately drives up the cost of home theater projector significantly.

The integrated 10W speakers can be helpful if you’re moving your projector around, but don’t expect too much from it. We recommend that users take advantage of the audio output to get a better and bigger sound.

To preserve lamp life, the BenQ W1070 1080p 3D home theater projector uses SmartEcho Technology. This dynamic power feature adjusts brightness and contrast and uses only as much light as needed. If there is no display source, the unit also turns off after three minutes. The downside to the SmartEco features is that it cannot be selected; it turns on only if a particular type of content is being displayed.


One feature that sets this model apart from others with a similar price is the vertical lens shift. This control is useful to those that need more flexibility when it comes to how low or high they intend to place the projector. It cuts down on the need to physically move the unit to get an ideal picture. However, you get no more than a few inches for adjustments, so it’s not all that great.

While many models have only one type of height adjustment, the W1070 has two adjustable feet located front and back. That way, users can set this HD projector up successfully, even if it’s siting on an uneven surface.

As far as picture settings go, BenQ has decided to lock the tint and color options. However, there are various preset modes, two-point gray-scale calibration, and a color management system (CMS) for advanced configuration.

Benq Performance


  • The light output on this home theater projector varies depending on the video mode that you use and on Smart Eco mode. Its range is from about 900 to a hair over 2,000 lumens. All in all, we were pleased with this unit?s performance in this aspect. Users who want a model for a lit room will need to look elsewhere and probably pay a lot more. Black levels and contrast are not the strong suits of the W1070. In spite of that, shadow separation is good even with some light present in the room.

  • On the other hand, color is something that this model excels at. Color calibration isn?t too hard to figure out and comes with extensive options. But, if you leave this projector as is, you still get a great image, so you don?t have to tinker with options, HD content is sharp and very clear on this unit, even if it doesn’t have features for detail enhancement.

  • Input lag in 3D content and games is hard to notice, so gamers and lovers of 3D movies will find this model to be a great choice. There?s also a little crosstalk when watching 3D content, but glasses compatible with the DLP link system that this projector uses tend to lose sync if you get up and move around.

  • Finally, we would like to note something we noticed and other people mentioned as well. Namely, this projector can rut a bit hot sometimes. Our advice is not to enclose it and to provide enough room for cooling. Besides that, fan noise is noticeable during movie scenes with little sound, but it didn’t bother us.

Final Verdict – The Benq W1070 is a great home cinema projector and well worth the money, despite a few small downsides.

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