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The main reason behind this website is to offer visitors as much information as possible about the best home theater projectors. We do short and long form reviews, as well as different articles to fill in the blanks. Despite that, we’re not able to answer every question, no one is.

Because of this, we always encourage those who have any doubts about video projectors, to contact us. But, keep one thing in mind. Since we’re a relatively small team, we implore you to do your research before sending a message. With fewer but more in-depth inquiries, we will be able to utilize our expertise better. This way you get an answer more quickly, and we won’t end up being bogged down with questions that can be answered with Google.

Besides, questions, you can also send us comments and suggestions. These can be about anything at all. Is our design and page layout easy to navigate? Are the reviews in a format that presents information in the best way?

Did you notice a mistake that we failed to pick up? We’re ready to listen, and more importantly, eager to improve. That is why we want to establish a good line of communication and introduce new people to projectors.

If you need to contact us by good old fashioned snail mail, you can reach us at:-

HTP Reviews
15701 SR 50, Suite 211
FL 34711
T: 352 404 5956

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