Home theaters are a superb way to bring movies into your own home, especially if you’re a movie buff. Nothing beats the convenience and comfort of enjoying the latest Hollywood hit from your favorite armchair.

Of course, the perfect complement to your home theater projector is state of the art surround sound. If you’re going to visually transport yourself and your guests to a cinematic location, it makes sense to also provide high-quality audio.

Here we look at some of the many advantages of including surround sound in your home theater set-up.

What Is Surround Sound?

Surround sound is a system of three or more speakers which are placed around the audience. In this way, the sound appears to surround the listener as the audio reaches the ears from different locations. This enables a more holistic and realistic sound effect.

The use of speakers in home theater systems became popular in the mid-1990’s as technology started to move forward in leaps and bounds. This three or more speaker inclusion method can be accomplished through either an analog or digital system.

The 360 degree sound effect replicates the audio you hear at the movie theater as the sound comes from in front of you and from behind you. This creates a full immersion effect and enhances your home theater experience.

How Many Speakers?

Surround sound is defined by a sound system of three or more speakers. So what are the right amount of speakers? Will the addition of extra units make for a better audio experience?

The formula is simple. Choose the number of speakers that are right for you as the listener. Of course, you need to take into account the amount of space you have and the volume of noise produced but otherwise, there is nothing stopping you from completely surrounding yourself by sound.

The basic home theater sound system comprises of five speakers (left and right front, center front, and left and right side rear) and a sub-woofer. This versatile set-up is a great way to start.

From here, you can add more speakers to suit your preference. But be aware that?adding extra speakers requires additional dollar outlay and more space. You’ll want to leave room for your audience!

Blockbuster Effects

We’ve all experienced the feeling that the speeding bus/car/jet plane (choose your mode of transportation) we are viewing on the movie screen is rumbling right under our seat.

This is the effect and level of interaction we’re looking for with a home theater system. A?subwoofer produces the low-pitched audio or bass frequencies which can transport the listener to the road, track, or skies that they are viewing.

An ideal home theater sound package includes a subwoofer to provide the additional depth and point of difference which low-pitched sound delivers. Of course, if we’re on the subject of subwoofers, we could argue that two are better than one. But we’ll leave that choice up to you.

Enhance Your Sports Experience

Nothing surpasses the all-around enjoyment and immersion of being in the stands at a live game, of course. The crowds, the noise, the smell of popcorn and hotdogs – you can’t beat it.

However, the next best thing to a live game is bringing the game into your own home. Through the use of a multi-speaker sound system, you can hear the roar of the crowd around you, the shouts of the players in front of you, and the stadium announcer’s voice cutting through it all.

Expert placement of your speakers will ensure you are completely surrounded by the sounds of the big game. We’ll leave the popcorn up to you.

The Sound of Music

Music quality is certainly enhanced by the use of multiple speakers. Music is mixed for stereo sound, and the effect is at its best when enjoyed through at least two speakers.

If you plan on using your home theater projector to view mainly audio-visual movies it is advised that you choose the 5-speaker system discussed earlier. However, if you prefer music-based cinema, two speakers can be adequate.

But if you’re going to the time and effort to create optimal sound effects it pays to take into account all the uses for your sound system. Make the most of the technology available and create a full experience for the listener.

Wireless Speakers

The use of wireless speaker for your home theater system eliminates the need to track wires around your living space and cuts down the installation time. The sound is digitally transmitted to the speaker via radio or infrared transmission with no disadvantage to the sound quality.

The convenience and functionality of wireless speakers are a definite plus. The speakers are easily moved, allowing the audience to determine the premium location from which to receive the audio effect. The lack of wires makes for a tidy and efficient installation and aesthetic.

Wireless speakers are generally more expensive than wired units but shop around. Prices can vary considerably.

Your Complete Home Theater Experience

Whether you choose to put aside an area of your home or dedicate an entire room to your home theater set-up, the main point to keep in mind is the end result.

It is all very well to have a superb sound surround system in place, but if your home theater projector is of poor quality or too basic in its functions all your hard work becomes irrelevant. Be aware of the total effect of all components of your home theater and you can’t go wrong.

The creation of a home theater or home cinema?can be a fun and worthwhile project. You and your family and friends are sure to get many hours of enjoyment from the completed set-up, especially if you are active movie watchers. It makes sense to take some time to plan the process in order to gain years of pleasure and quality viewing.

Why not take a moment or two to browse through some of our home theater projector recommendations? Lights, camera, action….

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Why Your Home Theater Needs Excellent Surround Sound

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