ViewSonic PJD5155 REVIEW


– Excellent image quality for the price
– Work well with some ambient light
– Has excellent color accuracy
– Works well with 3D content


– No 3D glasses in the package
– Can overheat sometimes


3,300 Lumens

Projector Resolution

800 x 600?SVGA

Contrast Ratio


Image Aspect Ratio


Updated March 2017: Are you on a budget, but still want to have a big-screen experience in your home? You don’t have to spend a whole lot nowadays to buy a home theater projector that performs well. The ViewSonic PJD5155 is one such model that can transform the way you watch movies and other video content.

It has great brightness output for its price and decent color accuracy. It’s relatively easy to install, and its lamp can last anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 hours with the use of the eco-mode. If you need it for school or work, you’ll find it’s light, compact and bright enough to work with ambient light


This home cinema projector from ViewSonic has a modern, compact design, and a black color scheme. As a result, no matter where you put it, it will look good. When it comes to size, its height is just above 4 inches, width is 12.4, and depth is almost 9 inches. It weighs less than 5lbs, so if you need to, you won’t have any trouble carrying it around as a portable unit.

On the top of this model, there are manual zoom and focus rings which are located behind the lens. With a 1.1 zoom, you don’t get much, but it offers some placement flexibility. Other than that, there’s a standard keypad used for menu navigation and set up and a lamp door for easy access. There are cooling grills on the front, besides the lamp, and on the sides, but they didn’t leak light, or it wasn’t pronounced enough for us to notice. The IR remote sensor sits on the front, between the lamp and cooling vents.

Finally, the PJD5155 home projector has a good assortment of ports on the rear panel. There are two VGA inputs, one monitor output, RCA for composite video, audio in/out, an HDMI port, and S-video port. For added versatility, you get a USB-B to use with a mouse or for maintenance issues. Additionally, The HDMI port is compatible with Blu-Ray players.


For starters, this home theater projector has integrated sound through the SonicExpert Technology. Even though the quality is decent, most of the sound comes out the back of the unit. In a pinch, using onboard sound will do the job, but it cannot compete with sound systems for home use.

ViewSonic’s Super Color technology claims to deliver vibrant colors with a 20,000:1 contrast and up to 3,300 ANSI lumens of brightness. This is an SVGA unit, so its native aspect is 4:3 and its resolution 800x600.

To match to other content, you can choose between more than half a dozen modes. Moreover, this home cinema projector is 3D ready, so it can accept output from a computer and supports 3D Blu-ray players as well. Glasses don’t come in the package, but a few cheap models are compatible, besides ViewSonic’s expensive option.

There are five different picture modes to select from menus. The brightest mode is for well-lit rooms. The Dynamic and Standard mode is for daytime presentations with color optimization. ViewMatch is used to switch between high brightness performance and better color output. The movie mode is best for movies and clips played in a darkened room.


We found set up no harder than with most other models. The elevation foot on the front underside of this unit makes it easier to adjust the projected image. Then there’s the zoom ring to resize the picture and a focus ring to sharpen it; both were helpful. For further adjustments, you have vertical digital keystone correction

People who don’t have a dedicated screen and are using a bare wall can match their screen color to a few presets, but this only works for PC input. There are also options to calibrate brightness, gamma, contrast, tint, sharpness, among other options. All in all, there’s more than enough to tinker with and get a good image.

ViewSonic Performance


  • Although you can’t expect much from such an affordable model, our test revealed a few pleasant things. First of all, even with a fair bit of ambient light in our testing room, image quality didn’t suffer. But the lamp found inside the ViewSonic PJD5155 is one of the brightest around.

  • Contrast is also impressive on this model and blacks tend to be defined well and quite dark. However, there are some problems with the color balance where a gray background can look a bit green. Moreover, red and yellow colors sometimes look a bit flat. But this is typical for home projectors that use DLP technology because they have lower color brightness than white brightness.

  • When watching bright objects move through dark backgrounds, you might sometimes notice the rainbow effect. Most people won’t see them when they appear, only those who are sensitive or know what to look for, so this shouldn’t worry you too much.

  • To test the 3D function out, we used Avatar 3D and were impressed with the results. The experience may not be the same as in a regular theater, but it is still a great one with few remarks if any on our part.

Final Verdict – For the price, this video projector is an excellent way to cover a lot of ground – school, work, movies, gaming – and offers good performance, too.

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